New Venture for Artascope Studios

Artascope Studios has decided to create a new art blog as a way to stay connected with artists everywhere and let everyone know about all the wonderful things we have to offer. Artascope Studios is located in South Portland Maine and home to the popular Art Night Out™. Artist Series and ArtEscape!™ programs. We offer art classes in everything from glass working, wireworking, beaded jewelry, PMC, photo transfer, printmaking, batiking, metalsmithing, collage, decorative painting, fine art painting and book arts to name a few!

We have a fabulous in-house art supply store and 5 unique studio classrooms. The Art Night Out™ program is a great way to learn new skills, get together with friends or make some new ones. We hold classes every Monday and Thursday Nights from 6-9pm and Saturdays from 2-6pm. Our Artist Series are 6 week long classes that meet once a week and offer an excellent resource for students looking to find a new talent or sharpen their skills. The ArtEscape!™ Weekends are three day intensives held year round where you can experience a huge amount of creativity in a small amount of time!

There are opportunities for the community to join as members, using the facilities and receiving some great perks for a small fee. The steward program has been an intregal part of Artascope since its beginings 3 years ago. Local artist donate a few hours of their time on a weekly basis to watch over the studio, give tours and help keep Artascope looking its best. The stewards also share their talents by teaching the extensive list of classes we have to offer here. Our lovely gallery is home to creations by all of our stewards and members with a montly highlighted artist to check out.

Check out some of our upcoming February classes. Check out for more information!


February 2008 classes!

Intro to PMC
23 Feb – Sat (2-6 PM) $125
Explore the fantastic world of PMC and what you can create! You will learn how to roll, stamp, shape and watch your designs come to life with PMC. You will be amazed with the results. Includes a brief introduction to the medium.

Silver Spoon Necklace
25 Feb – Mon (6-9 PM) $45
In this class you will take a silver spoon or fork and convert it to a stunning pendant! Learn about sawing, drilling and wireworking! Who knew there were so many possibilities for a spoon?
Tin Collage People25 Feb – Mon (6-9 PM) $45Using copied photos of loved ones, create these adorable tin folk! Bring your imagination to life as your loved ones serve as your inspiration! Great for holiday gifts!

Beachstone Pendant
28 Feb – Thu (6-9 PM) $45
Are you looking to increase your wireworking skills? This new class will add another method of wire wrapping to your repetoire. Learn how to use wire to accent beachstones in a way that is sure to delight everyone!

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  1. Cool pix!! Who knew tin was so much fun!