Private Parties at Artascope Studios- Hammered Metal Jewelry

Private parties are one of Artascope Studios specialities. We are always open to cater to personal events and create a fun environment for all types of events, from birthday parties to team building corporate parties.

We recently threw a fantastic appreciation party for Stegemann and Shuman Orthodontics’ entire staff. They filled up 0ur largest studios with sounds of hammering metal mixed in with a little laughter. Betina was able to lead our 17 guests through a fantastic demo using copper and silver wire to create new and exciting jewelry pieces. With Suzanne’s assistance and a little of my own, the entire cast of party goers went home with some very fabulous items to show off at work the follow week. What a great way to build bonds and show gratitude for your work family.

We are always open to talk about your upcoming event and we love to help guide you to explore all the class possibilities we have for parties in your future. We can offer parties for kids and adults alike. All we ask if for a time and class preference and 5 plus participants. The possibilities are endless!

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  1. Yeah this group of Orthodontist would be out there hammering metal!!!
    Nice people though-and they give kids nice smiles!