Tin Collage People Class Review

What a blast our students had during Sue Hellier’s popular “Tin Collage People” class. Everyone had an opportunity to bring in pictures of their loved ones and make fun new metal collage cut outs using photo faces and some creativity. Students altered wedding photos, kid head shots and other favorite images. One student transformed a wedding couple into a pair of funky fish. A few nephews and nieces ended up with some cool new metal digs and riding in a green JD gator machine. Another student turned their son into a “sun”. Anything goes! What a way to celebrate your friends and family with a crafty collage project straight from the heart.

If you like collage, why not try out one of our upcoming April collage classes. Maggie will take you through the collage essentials on Thursday April 17th from 6-9. Play with text, paint and paper and find your inner artist! How about trying your hand at the Memorabilia Pocket class with Nicole. A perfect way to collect your memories from a special occasion or trip. We will be meeting on Thursday April 24th from 6-9pm. Join the fun!

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