Sea Glass Extravaganza!

Sea Glass Private Parties & Lessons
To say that our Sea Glass Jewelry classes are popular would be an understatement. Our close proximity to the ocean and all of our fantastic beaches is sure to stir the imagination with visions of what to do with all the sea glass treasures you find while walking along the shoreline. That’s where we come in! We have been offering some fantastic Art Night Out jewelry classes and private parties and lessons for sea glass. Here a few picks from Lynne’s successful Sea Glass Pendant private party. Lynne is quite the Sea Glass jewelry expert and showed off her talents by teaching a private session back to back with a private party for another Artascope Studio teacher, Nicole, and some of her co-workers. Check out the fantastic wire working and embellishments on the pendants. The hand dyed silk ties add a unique colorful touch. See the students in action as they work on their pieces and show off their finished creations.
Art Night Out Sea Glass Jewelry Classes
Our Sea Glass guru Lynne was back in studio working with students on wrapped sea glass earrings. Lots of fresh new faces at the studio which we always love to see! Lynne helped students pick out their sea glass gems and decorative beads to begin the project. The students learn to work with the silver wire as they find ways to wrap their treasures together. Lots of teamwork and troubleshooting happens so that the students achieves the desired effect. What a fun way to learn a little about yourself, meet some new friends and go home with one fabulous pair of custom earrings.

Diane kept the Sea Glass theme with her Drilled Sea Glass Bracelet. You know the class is popular when your students are coming up from Portsmouth NH! Students learned how to drill the glass, shells and other treasures using diamond drill bits in a water bath…how exotic! The class was a huge hit and each bracelet reflected the personality of the artist. Now this is a charm bracelet class to remember. Any of our Sea Glass jewelry creations would be the perfect piece for a night on the town or a stroll on the beach.
If you have missed out on all these classes and would love to join the Sea Glass groupies, think about joining Lynne on Saturday May 24th from 2-6pm for the Sea Glass Wrapped Bracelet. Sure to be a hit!

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