Resin Jewelry Class Review

Resin Jewelry-
What a fun new class we added to our abundant jewelry offerings! Deb Freedman, has been working with resin as part of her jewelry line here at the Artascope Gallery. After lots of talk and interest about her unique work, we decided to put in on the schedule!

Deb led her class in designing their own mini 3-dimensional collages. They used craft papers, photos and small found objects the create their images. Then she taught them how to cast their jewelry pieces into molds and fill them with clear resin to add extra dimension. It doesn’t take long for the resin to set and then you have an exciting multi-dimension collage jewelry item. Students worked with idol images, dried flowers and glitter. One student even played with a Maine map encrusted with seashells and sea glass.

Deb will take this class up a notch when we offer the Resin Coaster class this summer on July 17th! After checking out the creativity in these small jewelry pendants, the size of a coaster will be prime design space!

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