Glass Pendant Review-A Class for All Ages

Glass Pendant Class Review
What a delight to have such a diverse class as we did in our Embellished Glass Pendant Class. We pride ourselves on being able to bring together our community and make some fantastic opportunities for everyone to feel creative and special. From daughters with mothers, best friends and neighbors, the class mix is always different. It’s great to watch people make connection with each other while they dabble in their artistic talents. There is always a sense of camaraderie and support not just from the teacher, but the students themselves. These are the times that Artascope truly shines. So many times we can record that magic moment when a student really begins to believe in their talent and get excited about their work. It’s great to watch students interact and become jazzed about each other’s achievements. So many one time students have to come back for more, bringing friends and relatives to share in their passion. Students become members so they can use the studio as their studio. Members become stewards to share in the support of Artascope as a functioning art learning center, store and gallery. The enthusiasm is electric. So, you won’t know how you will meet in your next class or what inspiration may be found within our walls. Give it a try.

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