Maggie Bokor-July Featured Artist

Maggie Bokor- Featured Artist
Have you checked out the Gallery at Artascope Studios lately? Every month the gallery changes for the featured artist of the month. We highlight our stewards, teachers and members in the gallery to share with our art enthusiastic community.

This month we are featuring Maggie Bokor, a multi-disciplinary artist, currently showing her recent acrylics, glass jewelry collection and polaroid transfers. Maggie teaches the Polaroid Tranfer Classes at Artascope and is a very loyal painting student of Liz Prescott’s Acrylic Artist Series. This Thursday, she will teach a brand new class at Artascope, Reusable Fabric Gift Wrap! Should be a blast. You get to create your own botanical stamp and play will decorating your own gift wrap. Artascope is going green and we love it! Check it out on our online schedule,

Maggie’s background is clay from the Rhode Island School of Design. She has worked in many materials and loves to play with color, form and function with all her work. She is also a local Nia instructor….a barefoot movement class taught at the South Portland Community Center and World Arts in Portland. You can find more about Maggie on the web at

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