Artascope Home Improvements

Artascope’s New Look
Have you stopped by the studio lately? We have been working hard at making Artascope Studios pretty spiffy lately. With some amazing help from stewards, teachers, staff and family, renovations went smoothly. Thank you everyone!!!

Where to begin! Suzanne designed and built a brand new kiosk for the gallery packed with space of new work and an easy place to purchase gifts for everyone. With new inventory on the shelves, our art supply store has something for everyone.

And how about the fresh coat of paint? The studio looks a lot brighter these days inside and out! Our purple porch coordinates with our famous Artascope color scheme. Our community board is now on the porch, so that you can view it day and night. The gardens have grown outside to accent our colorful entrance. We have added a beautiful white picket fence. After a successful day out in the gardens yesterday, next years blooms are sure to delight.

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