New Metals Classes-Spiral Link Bracelet and Etched Copper Penant

New Metals Offerings
Betina, one of our talented artist and Art Night Out teachers, has expanded her metal class offerings at Artascope Studios. We’ve been working with her to develop fun new classes that are always a crowd pleaser. So, the Spiral Link Bracelet class was held on the12th of August. Betina taught the students how to use copper brass and silver plated metal wire to create these whismical jewelry pieces. The students learned to twist, turn and hammer their spiraled wire into a stunning bracelet! Be sure to look for it in our fall listings. I am sure we will be hosting this class again soon.

Kate Osler introduced her new Etched Copper Pendant class on Monday. Students designed their own intricate etched copper pendants. Kate walked them through the process needed to resist etch, saw, and even dap their piece to create some dramatic results. This Etched class will be coming back around twice in the fall….so see if you can make it. Monday October 13th and then again on Monday December 29th. Both classes are held from 6-9pm for $65 each. Think you may be interested? Check out our monthly schedule for more details.

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