Artascope's 3rd Anniversary and The End of Summer Sale Follow up

Happy Birthday Artascope!
We celebrated our 3rd birthday with a very successful End of Summer Sale last weekend. The weather was perfect….if not a little too hot for some looking for a cool Autumn day. The fog rolled in late in the afternoon to announce the end of the sale. No one was disappointed with the great goods we had to offer and there weren’t too many shoppers left without an item or two from all our gifted artists.

A neighbor of mine commented that it was nice to have a little excitement in South Portland and the we created quite a traffic buzz. People kept pulling up and taking a peek at what we were up to. It was nice to see the community so alive! We created lots of new contacts from people near and far that were always curious about us, but had never stopped in to check us out. Stewards were available to tour the crowds around the studio and gallery. We couldn’t ask for anything more.

Suzanne presented Catherine with the sweetest chocolate cake for their shared 3rd year anniversary. These two hot shots are the reason Artascope runs so smoothly. Catherine was smart to gobble up Suzanne when she had the chance. They are a great team and the proof is in the pudding…or the cake in this case. I’ve included a shot of a few of our Artascope Stewards past and present surrounding Catherine and the luscious cake. Be sure there was much sampling occurring after the photos.

So check out some of the action from the day’s event. Excitement is already building for our 34rd annual holiday show….can you believe it’s just around the corner? Get ready to shop for sure!

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