Metals Anyone? Betina's Class Reviews

Metals Review
If you are looking for a great class to learn about metals, how about checking out one of Betina Clark’s offerings! She recently taught two different metal techniques in our Metalsmith studio that will be coming back again in the Art Night Out fall schedule very soon. Check out the studio pictures we took during the classes.

Sewn Metal Jewelry:This is a great place to get familiar with our studio and working with jewelry. Students try out different hammers, stamps, and master the rolling mill while learning about basic drilling techniques. Playing with textured metals and accent beads, Betina assists students to create wonderful design that is sewn together! Each Student made a pendant or pair of earrings.

Hammered Metal Jewelry:Betina’s popular Hammered Metal Jewelry took center stage a few weeks back. Students used heavy gauge silver, copper or brass wire to create marvelous pendants, rings, bracelets and earrings. they learned how to shape, hammer and finish their work with professional metalsmithing tools. The results were fantastic. Lots of clanging and chatting during class while everyone worked hard on making their unique jewelry. You will definitely turn some heads wearing one of your own beautiful creations.So have I peaked your interest? Betina will be back in the studio teaching Hammered Metal Jewelry on Monday October 6th from 6-9pm. The cost is $55 per student and you can register online. It’s really important to preregister to ensure you reserve your spot. Betina will be teaching the Sewn Metal Jewelry class on Thursday Oct 23rd from 6-9pm for $75. Feel free to follow this link to our October class listings. You can register from this page and learn out more info on the class.

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