April, 2009

Art Night Out™ Classic – Hammered Metal a Crowd Favorite!

Just recently, Betina Clark, one of our long time, super talented teaching Artists here at Artascope, joined us for a loud evening of hammered heavy gauge wire! A fun surprise to the class, was that many of the folks who signed up, all knew each other! It was fun to watch students get exciting seeing folks they’ve missed! One of our new teachers, Yudi, even joined in for the fun and shared her creation with us on Facebook!

Students were able to explore techniques of working with heavy gauge wire, as this class utilizes 14 or 16 gauge wire. They learned the basics of forging, work hardening, and even how to shape on steel mandrels. And, of course, try out different texturing hammers on their hammering plates! This class can get a little loud from all the banging but every class will agree that “it was fun and a GREAT release from the day’s stress!”

Creating a perfect spiral or shape can be a challenge but Betina gives her students the tricks and techniques that it takes to create these stunning handmade pieces! Everyone was left for the evening with a gorgeous hammere piece that they couldn’t wait to show off!

Betina will join us for another Art Night Out™ Workshop on Thursday May 7th for another Hammered Metal class! We are also THRILLED that Betina will be sharing even more of her talents and skills with us for a May ArtEscape! Weekend, May 15, 16 +17, exploring techniques in Non-Soldered Metalsmithing! It is not often that we are able to snag Betina for such an amazing weekend! Treat yourself to a delightfully creative weekend!

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Stained Glass Workshops for Everyone!

Over the past couple of weeks, folks have been signing up for Stained Glass like crazy!  Gayle is a phenomenally talented teacher, who had been teaching with us for years, that we totally understand why people just can’t get enough of Gayle!  She always goes above and beyond for students in her classes!

We had Lorrie and Alex join us for an ArtEscape! Weekend to explore and develop their stained glass skills!  Lorrie had found several items that had belonged to her father, and they inspired her to sign up for the weekend.  Her friend, Alex, joined right in, ready for her own exploration into Stained Glass

The gals definitely had a blast with Gayle as they worked from patters and dove into our collection of glass shard and sheets to find the perfect colors to complete their pieces.  Lorrie made a beautiful seascape wreath and Alex was inspired by a sunrise design!  They worked intensely over their weekend!  We were so proud of their results!

Lorrie enjoyed her weekend with us so much that she, “wanted to say thank you for all the support this past weekend as Alex & I learned a lot in our introduction to stained glass.”

And just the other night, Gayle returned for more Stained Glass, this time as an Art Night Out, one night all inclusive workshops where participants designed their own stunning Stained Glass Panels!

It was a fun group, mixed with a husband and wife enjoying a night to themselves, a mother and daughter for a surprise Mother’s Day treat, an fellow Artascope teacher, and some new Artascope friends!  The guys in the class were able to quickly find their inspiration and complete beautiful panels that blew everyone away.  The folks that came with people they knew were fun to watch as they inspired each other throughout the class to design their own fabulous stained glass panels!

Looking to learn about Stained Glass?  Gayle will be teaching a 6 week Artist Series starting next week.  May 6 through June 10th from 10am to 1pm.  Looking for just a taste?  Our next Stained Glass Art Night Out will be offered Saturday May 9th from 2 to 6pm.

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Drilling Seaglass to Wire Work Beautiful Bracelets

One thing all Mainers and visitors alike share, is their love of seaglass!  Whether it is the hunt on the beach, the collection itself, or the beautiful things one can make from it, folks love their seaglass!

Thursday evening, we hosted a Drilled Seaglass Bracelet Art Night Out Workshops where several students brought in their gorgeous selection of seaglass, and even dug for treasures in our fabulous collection of seaglass, beachstones and sea shells.

Using regular drills, flex shafts and even dremmels, students were able to experience the joy of wirking with diamond bits to successfully drill holes into their beloved seglass.

Diane, our instructor, shared with everyone the how to’s of drilling and then assisted students as they ventured to drill on their own.  After students had successfully drilled their seaglass, beach stones or seashells, Diane gathered everyone together to learn the simple steps to add their drilled pieces to a bracelet chain.

With a few beads, spirals and twist of the wire, everyone was able to complete their project.

With Summer just around the corner, be on the lookout for MORE Seaglass inspired classes! Our next class is Monday May 25th – Seaglass Wrapped Earrings for $45 (all materials included).

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Sally dives into Metalsmithing with an ArtEscape! Weekend Intensive

Back in one of my personal favorite studios, Studio 2, the JEWELRY Studio!

So many amazing things have been created in here, in many different classes, by many different people.

Sally, one of our amazing students, has dabbled with us over the years in painting, stained glass, and jewelry, primarily,  wireworking is her fancy!  She joined in a fantastic group of students, some with  a little experience, and others who were dearly curious about metalsmithing and what adding fire can do to their jewelry making abilities….and Christina Taylor, our fabulous metalsmithing instructor, was here to guide them!

They made silver rings, pendants, practice their ideas on copper and then created stunning pieces of silver jewelry!  We also had a Dye & Batik weekend going on upstairs.  The two classes were able to share their creations, projects and patterns over their complimentary lunch.  It was great to see students in such different weekend be inspired by other mediums!

Christina Taylor will be teaching an Artist Series starting Monday May 4th thru June 8th (10am to 1pm). Her own beautiful creations can be found at Artascope Studio’s Gallery, as well as Wyler’s Gallery in Portland.

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Bright Colors with Batik kicked off SPRING!

Just as Spring officially (according to the calendar, NOT the outside temp) arrived, Sue Drown-Trout shared her talents with Batik with a mother and daughter team from Ellsworth Maine for an ArtEscape! Weekend.

The mother-daughter team met up with Sue over the holidays while Sue was out promoting her beautiful batiks and creations at an Arts fair!

Learning the basics of wax resist was magic to these two, as they jumped right into creating their own designs: leaves, animals and a gorgeous tree!

We had a blast with these gals and are looking forward to our next Dye & Batik classes with Sue Drown Trout!  Check our her Wed eve Artist Series starting May 6th from 6 to 9pm, or join us for her next Dye & Batik ArtEscape! weekend June 12, 13 + 14th!

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April Showers and YOU Made Paper Flowers!

Saturday, April 11th was a little dark and dreary, and as most days in April go, it rained!  Rain or Shine, we still opened our doors for anyone to come on in and learn the funky art of creating Paper Flowers!

Many folks were intriguied by the making of Paper Flowers!  Create a stunning bouqet out of your favorite colors or even to match your home decor!  We brought out our fantastic collection of paper bins, overflowing with great textures, colors and patterns!  No one can resist digging in to find their treasure!

Paper Flowers are one of our favorite things to share!  We hope to have another Open House to make more of these simple and beautiful flowers!  If you missed the event, or want to make more, we do have kits available with everything you need to make your own colorful bouquet!

Join us for our next Open House, Church of Craft event!  Saturday May 9th from 10am to 1pm and make Mom a special Mother’s Day card, filled with love- and, of course, made by YOU!

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Spring Inspires MORE Decorative Painting Fun!

Last Saturday, a fabulously fun group of women joined us for an afternoon of Decorative Painting!

Our resident Decorative Painting Artist, Libby Barrett, shared her day, designs, colors and eye!  These women took advantage of our Private Party Special, and treated the birthday girl to a free workshop!  These gals got together intending to make colorful placemats, but several of them, loved their designs so much, that they decided to NOT quarter their piece of canvas! They were able to create these beautiful works of art and REALLY let their different personalities shine at the Studio, as well as in their masterpieces!

Interested in learning some Decorative Painting techniques?  Join Libby for an all-inclusive Art Night Out™ workshop transforming simple wooden bowls into stunning fruit or candy bowls on Monday May 18th from 6 to 9pm!  $45 all materials included

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Decorative Painting Series a Success!

Our most recent session of Artist Series just wrapped up!  And one class, we just loved the colors, designs, and smiles that were generated!

Decorative Painting with Libby Barrett was a HIT on Monday mornings!  Libby shared with students her love of bright and vibrant colors, to truly inspired them with the coming of Spring!  Students also were able to learn about layering techniques and how to make incredibly designs with texture, using around the house, everyday items!  We are still fascinated with the MANY used of bubble wrap!Exploring color and all of these techniques, student made floorcloths, placemats, bowls and more!

Libby’s next Artist Series will be offered in BookBinding, Thursdays, Starting May 7th!

Also, if you are up in the Gardiner area, PLEASE stop by the Center For Maine Crafts!  Libby is one of the proud Maine Artists to be showing and selling her work at this beautiful, unique location!

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