Art Night Out™ Classic – Hammered Metal a Crowd Favorite!

Just recently, Betina Clark, one of our long time, super talented teaching Artists here at Artascope, joined us for a loud evening of hammered heavy gauge wire! A fun surprise to the class, was that many of the folks who signed up, all knew each other! It was fun to watch students get exciting seeing folks they’ve missed! One of our new teachers, Yudi, even joined in for the fun and shared her creation with us on Facebook!

Students were able to explore techniques of working with heavy gauge wire, as this class utilizes 14 or 16 gauge wire. They learned the basics of forging, work hardening, and even how to shape on steel mandrels. And, of course, try out different texturing hammers on their hammering plates! This class can get a little loud from all the banging but every class will agree that “it was fun and a GREAT release from the day’s stress!”

Creating a perfect spiral or shape can be a challenge but Betina gives her students the tricks and techniques that it takes to create these stunning handmade pieces! Everyone was left for the evening with a gorgeous hammere piece that they couldn’t wait to show off!

Betina will join us for another Art Night Out™ Workshop on Thursday May 7th for another Hammered Metal class! We are also THRILLED that Betina will be sharing even more of her talents and skills with us for a May ArtEscape! Weekend, May 15, 16 +17, exploring techniques in Non-Soldered Metalsmithing! It is not often that we are able to snag Betina for such an amazing weekend! Treat yourself to a delightfully creative weekend!

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