Drilling Seaglass to Wire Work Beautiful Bracelets

One thing all Mainers and visitors alike share, is their love of seaglass!  Whether it is the hunt on the beach, the collection itself, or the beautiful things one can make from it, folks love their seaglass!

Thursday evening, we hosted a Drilled Seaglass Bracelet Art Night Out Workshops where several students brought in their gorgeous selection of seaglass, and even dug for treasures in our fabulous collection of seaglass, beachstones and sea shells.

Using regular drills, flex shafts and even dremmels, students were able to experience the joy of wirking with diamond bits to successfully drill holes into their beloved seglass.

Diane, our instructor, shared with everyone the how to’s of drilling and then assisted students as they ventured to drill on their own.  After students had successfully drilled their seaglass, beach stones or seashells, Diane gathered everyone together to learn the simple steps to add their drilled pieces to a bracelet chain.

With a few beads, spirals and twist of the wire, everyone was able to complete their project.

With Summer just around the corner, be on the lookout for MORE Seaglass inspired classes! Our next class is Monday May 25th – Seaglass Wrapped Earrings for $45 (all materials included).

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