Spring Inspires MORE Decorative Painting Fun!

Last Saturday, a fabulously fun group of women joined us for an afternoon of Decorative Painting!

Our resident Decorative Painting Artist, Libby Barrett, shared her day, designs, colors and eye!  These women took advantage of our Private Party Special, and treated the birthday girl to a free workshop!  These gals got together intending to make colorful placemats, but several of them, loved their designs so much, that they decided to NOT quarter their piece of canvas! They were able to create these beautiful works of art and REALLY let their different personalities shine at the Studio, as well as in their masterpieces!

Interested in learning some Decorative Painting techniques?  Join Libby for an all-inclusive Art Night Out™ workshop transforming simple wooden bowls into stunning fruit or candy bowls on Monday May 18th from 6 to 9pm!  $45 all materials included

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