June, 2009

Image Transfer Inspires

As a photography major in college, I love any old skool photo process. I miss the darkroom but I have moved on and my trying to love the digital world of photo. But when Art Night Out brings back the polaroid transfer class, I get really excited! It’s a nice little mix of old and new and the results are always thrilling!

Our Image Transfer class was held this past Thursday! This class focuses primarily on polaroid image transfers (yes, even tho Polaroid itself is going out of business, there still is Fuji and maybe others…) with a demo in emulsion lifts (which are fabulously cool to watch and do!)

Maggie, one of our long time teachers, brought her Day Lab machines to use for the process, as well as countless books, samples and knowledge. Our students, Deb, Wendy and Zarra were excited and fascinated by the process. They worked from old photographs, digital prints and even collage and magazine images. Using different types of hot and cold press papers and even fabric, they were able to yield different results!

Image Transfers with the Day Lab machines are great because you can print multiples of the same image. The magic of polaroid, however, ensure no two images will EVER be alike. The quality of the transferred images are quite vintage and bring a whole new life to the original images.

Interested in learning about this process? Check back for our fall schedule or book a private lesson or party with Maggie! This class as a private party for a milestone celebration would be spectacular! Have friends or family bring in special photos and learn this magical process! Contact the studio for more information!

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Cape Family Fun Day

This past Saturday, Suzanne packed up the Studio suitcase and headed over into Cape Elizabeth for the annual festivities of Cape Family Fun Day!

The weather was gorgeous, sunny, slight breeze and Suz was grateful to be in the shade! There was even a sailboat race off in the waters, that made for a great view!

To be a part of Cape Family Fun Day, Artascope Studios provided a FREE and fun make and take, mini workshop! Hammered Metal Jewlery is one of our most popular Art Night Out™ workshops for both adults and kids, so we brought in on the road!

Pre-shaped wire hearts, trees and spirals of silver plate and brass wire decorate the table, alongside steel hammering plates and a selection of hammers. With a quick demonstration, anyone and everyone could make a hammered metal pendant!

Suz was excited to have so many folks join her at the make and take! Daughters brought over their friends and moms. Even players from the little league team enjoyed the activity.

We were thrilled to join in the Cape festivities while out having some fun with our neighbors! It was great to see so many familiar faces! And it was our first opportunity to hand out out HOT new Summer ’09 schedule! To check it out, visit our website!

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Mosaics, Dye & Batik and Painting – June ArtEscape!™ – Last chance to learn Abstract Painting with Matt Owens!

One of our teaching Artists here at Artascope, Matt Owens, will be departing us with the full arrival of Summer. Matt joined us here about a year ago sharing his wonderful paintings, sculptures and sketches! Matt will be relocating to the DC area with some creative endeavors of his own that he is currently planning. He introduced the Studio and our students to Abstract Painting! It’s been incredible to watch him work, as well as teach. As the manager here at Artascope, I have learned a LOT about paint, application and composition from Matt. Matt and I would often discuss painting, other Artists and classes on Friday afternoon when he volunteered his time to work at Artascope.

As our June ArtEscapes!™ approach, the 12th, 13th + 14th, grab a seat in Matt’s Abstract Painting!! We will also be offering Mosaics with Jasmine Clayton, Batik & Dye Painting with Sue Drown Trout.
Check out Jasmine and Sue’s Etsy sites:
SuzanneDrown on Etsy
Jasmine Clayton on Etsy

The Abstract Painting Intensive with Matt will explore paint, color and abstraction (and a few other things based on your own discoveries). If you are curious about painting, learning new techniques or how to loosen up your own work, this is a perfect class! Students of all levels are welcome and encouraged to explore this road together!

To learn more about Matt’s weekend, or other ArtEscape!™ Intensives we offer, visit out NEW website!

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Notes from Sophie!

* Sophie is a senior at Cape Elizabeth High School working on her senior project with us at Artascope! We have asked if she would like to prepare a few blog entries to share her experiences while completing her project – and she accepted!

My name is Sophie and I am a senior at Cape Elizabeth High School and I’m about to graduate! As part of our graduation requirements, we have to complete an assignment called STP (Student Transition Project). This project is to prepare the graduate for the outside world after high school. Some studentsmay wish to go to work straight out of high school, others may want to continue to explore their interests. My choice is to explore the arts world. After college, I would love to open an art business of my own.

The reason I chose to complete my STP at Artascope Studios is because I have a diverse interest in so many different types of art. Artascope provides so many things that it seemed perfect for me! I am interested in making all kinds of jewelry, and I have been able to learn some tricks of the trade from professional Artists even in my short time participating at the Studio. I can’t wait to further my exploration of the classes here such as mosaics and stained glass. I was able to sit in on an Art Night Out™ Workshop in Hammered Metal Jewelry. I had loads of fun and even left with a beautiful piece!

I would encourage anyone who has a creative side and is looking for their calling to venture to Artascope Studios and sign up for ANY of their classes! It will be the best evening you’ve treated yourself to, in a while!

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