Mosaics, Dye & Batik and Painting – June ArtEscape!™ – Last chance to learn Abstract Painting with Matt Owens!

One of our teaching Artists here at Artascope, Matt Owens, will be departing us with the full arrival of Summer. Matt joined us here about a year ago sharing his wonderful paintings, sculptures and sketches! Matt will be relocating to the DC area with some creative endeavors of his own that he is currently planning. He introduced the Studio and our students to Abstract Painting! It’s been incredible to watch him work, as well as teach. As the manager here at Artascope, I have learned a LOT about paint, application and composition from Matt. Matt and I would often discuss painting, other Artists and classes on Friday afternoon when he volunteered his time to work at Artascope.

As our June ArtEscapes!™ approach, the 12th, 13th + 14th, grab a seat in Matt’s Abstract Painting!! We will also be offering Mosaics with Jasmine Clayton, Batik & Dye Painting with Sue Drown Trout.
Check out Jasmine and Sue’s Etsy sites:
SuzanneDrown on Etsy
Jasmine Clayton on Etsy

The Abstract Painting Intensive with Matt will explore paint, color and abstraction (and a few other things based on your own discoveries). If you are curious about painting, learning new techniques or how to loosen up your own work, this is a perfect class! Students of all levels are welcome and encouraged to explore this road together!

To learn more about Matt’s weekend, or other ArtEscape!™ Intensives we offer, visit out NEW website!

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