Notes from Sophie!

* Sophie is a senior at Cape Elizabeth High School working on her senior project with us at Artascope! We have asked if she would like to prepare a few blog entries to share her experiences while completing her project – and she accepted!

My name is Sophie and I am a senior at Cape Elizabeth High School and I’m about to graduate! As part of our graduation requirements, we have to complete an assignment called STP (Student Transition Project). This project is to prepare the graduate for the outside world after high school. Some studentsmay wish to go to work straight out of high school, others may want to continue to explore their interests. My choice is to explore the arts world. After college, I would love to open an art business of my own.

The reason I chose to complete my STP at Artascope Studios is because I have a diverse interest in so many different types of art. Artascope provides so many things that it seemed perfect for me! I am interested in making all kinds of jewelry, and I have been able to learn some tricks of the trade from professional Artists even in my short time participating at the Studio. I can’t wait to further my exploration of the classes here such as mosaics and stained glass. I was able to sit in on an Art Night Out™ Workshop in Hammered Metal Jewelry. I had loads of fun and even left with a beautiful piece!

I would encourage anyone who has a creative side and is looking for their calling to venture to Artascope Studios and sign up for ANY of their classes! It will be the best evening you’ve treated yourself to, in a while!

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