Simple Block Carving Success

Have you even been curious about what it takes to create your own stamp images?

Several folks have expressed their curisoity with us!  Many wished to create their own unique identity for letterboxing, a trademark for handmade greeting cards and even ways to embellish their fabric!

Judy, who holds a BFA in printmaking, shared her skills with the simple and very rewarding process!  With just a rubber block and a few carving tools, our students were able to make their designs come to life!

Block printing is such a fun and simple way to personalize!  The rubber blocks we used in class are easy to carve and yield fabulous results whether it’s your first or fiftieth carving!  The process is much easier than linoleum!  And with the proper inks or paints they are perfect for paper and fabric!

If you ever want to check out other amazing stamps folks have designed themself, look up the Art Night Out letterbox on  There are some amazing carvings out there!  Every one is richly unique!

Want to give Simple Block Printing a try but missed the Art Night Out™ Workshop?  Book your own private party (minimum of 5 people, $45 per person including ALL materials)!  Or, purchase your own complete kit online by checking out our ETSY site!

Our next Art Night Out in Simple Block Printing will be in the fall!

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