Made with Love

February means Cupid is busy shooting his arrows all around – but love clearly is not simply for couples. Friendships are full of love too! And can be as valuable and important. This February at Artascope, we have been assisting Cupid in the love of friends department; we know Cupid has a tall order this month, so we want to help.

Handmade items are treasured and the gift of time with loved ones is invaluable. To show our love for our creative community (all aspiring creators!), we are offering you a workshop special! Receive $10 off when you sign up with friends family or lovers! Come to the Studios and have fun making beautiful treasures and enjoy time with the people that truly matter. So bring a friend, or two, or three Рand let us share the love! (Maximum of $10 off per person).

If you end up with a crew of friends, five or more, you can book a private party at the Studios! Whether it’s a birthday party, an important celebration, or just celebrating friendship -this month the planner or the guest of honor will be on us! (One per group).

Choose from any Art Night Out class on our schedule and give us a call so we can sign you up!

See you at the Studios!

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