A weekend with Claudine Hellmuth!

A weekend with Claudine Hellmuth proved to be everything we anticipated and more! It is always satisfying to learn new techniques but even more so when you have eighteen women and one beautiful bulldog filled with creative energy! The energy was lifted to another level because Claudine was in the house!!    For those of you who are wondering-Claudine was like having your friendly neighbor or best girlfriend over for lunch. Her down to earth demeanor, great sense of humor and passion for teaching others made us all feel fearless and inspired. Claudine repeatedly reminded us that learning the techniques is all about the process, not your final result.  Believe me, I took that advice to heart!!  I painted, applied beeswax, applied paper and fabric and then started over again. I truly enjoyed watching the other women dive in and create something that they loved. Many had family pictures that are now presented and archived in a beautiful way. Others created artwork for their grandaughters bedroom and some even incorporated a dead bee into their art. As the weekend was coming to an end I heard women say things like “thank you so much, my eyes are open again.”  Sometimes it takes a weekend of play, friendship, support and kindred spirits to remind us that we are creative beings and we deserve to treat ourselves ! Thank you Claudine for being a friend and an inspiration to so many-we are already looking forward to next year! For those of you who would like to read what Claudine had to say about her Artascope experience hop on over to Claudine’s Blog!  You can read more about our fabulous weekend, view our photo albums and see what else is happening at Artascope on our facebook page! and on our website!


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