April, 2012

Because YOU Deserve a Night Out!

We at Artascope Studios are pleased to share a new way to enjoy our Art Night Out® workshops. You may now attend our most popular classes at various locations throughout New England. Check out the line-up at Dabblers hobbies + café in Concord, Massachusetts. Dabblers’ is committed to providing local community with supplies, workshops and events that revolve around the world of hobbies. Here you will be able to get the full Art Night Out® experience with trained instructors leading workshops in Ice Resin Pendant, Crochet Wire Jewelry, Vintaj Natural Brass Jewelry, and Art Journal Book.

Art Night Out® workshops are designed to nurture creativity and help you complete an inspiring project in just one night. We make it easy by providing the right tools, materials and instruction so you can step right into the art-making process and just express yourself. No prior experience is necessary and all materials are included in the cost. What a great way to spend a few hours! Here’s what a few of our recent attendees had to say:

“I had a blast at Art Night Out®. It was a very relaxed environment. It was a great reprieve from my stressful week.”  Cathy Mati

“This is the third class I’ve taken, and I’ve enjoyed every one.”  Heather Monsen

“Thanks for providing a wonderful, creative outlet.”  Melanie Carroll

To register for these classes, contact Dabblers at 978-254-5798, or e-mail them at info@DabblersConcord.com

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