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Collage, Stained Glass and Tin People Class Review and Teacher Request

Basic Collage Techniques Our studio manager and talent teacher, Suzanne Kiertianis, taught the Basic Collage as part of our Art Night Out Classes last week. She worked with the students to play with color, design, composition and style to create paper collage masterpieces. The class was very successful and Suzanne reported that everyone enjoyed themselves and felt good about the new techniques they had acquired in class.

For all those experienced Collage Experts out there….we are currently looking for a new Basic Collage teacher and would love to hear from you. Please contact Suzanne at 207-799-5154 if you think you would like to join our talented team!

Tin People
Sue Hellier has a knack for getting students excited about making family and friends into fantastic tin creations. We make sure to offer this Art Night Out class every season to make sure everyone gets a chance for this playful event.

The students bring in photos or copies of their loved ones heads and create costumes or completely outrageous new tin bodies to apply them onto. They sketch out ideas before cutting the tine parts. Using enamel paints and grommets, each element is brought together and properly decorated for some fun effects. Lots of laughs and creativity coming out of this classroom and they are always different!

Stained Glass Panel
Gayle Raposa can usually be found in our stained glass studio when she isn’t working on her latest metalsmithing masterpiece. Multi-talented artist and teacher, she has made quite a name for herself as our stained glass guru.

She recently taught the Stained Glass Panel class and the results were fabulous. Students worked with large colored sheets of glass that they cut down to the desired size. Personal photographs added a nice touch. So many options to consider. Gayle is wonderful at helping students refine designs and feel confident with their new found talents. Gayle is currently teaching Stained Glass on Thursday mornings as part of our Artist Series. This fall, Stained Glass Artist Series will be moved to Tuesday mornings 10am-1pm. Please check out the link for more information:

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