Summer Reminiscing

York Days
As the leaves begin to change, apple picking is on the brain and chimneys are being prepared for nightly fires, it’s nice to reminisce about the summer here in Maine.

We had a great summer with lots of events at Artascope including summer ArtEscape Weekend Retreats, Artist Series and Art Night Out Classes, but did you know we took the show on the road? Betina and Suzanne sold their beautiful work while promoting Artascope Studios at York Days this summer. It’s a great place to meet some new folks and let them know about our studio offerings. Our stewards have also been out on a cruise ships and participated in Buxton Days to broaden our base and get to know our growing community. Always a great time. Can you feel the sunshine?

New York Etsy Visit
Our talented manager, Suzanne Kiertianis, made a special trip this summer to visit the Etsy Lab in Brooklyn, NY. For those who are unfamiliar with the Etsy phenomenon….check out to see what this craft industry giant is all about!

Suzanne has a fabulous time! There was a recipe slam night and bake sale during her visit. Baked goods were for sale from Sweet Tooth of the Tiger who inspired the event. All participants brought in recipes that were scanned and printed onto colored paper and everyone combined them all to create a simple’zine style binding. Suzanne added Cinnamon Puffs to the event, a favorite that her grandmother taught her to cook. She brought her Brooklyn friend with her who shared her mother’s sacred Kugel recipe! All the goodies were delicious and Suzanne loved the lemon cookies the best. Etsy is that fabulous website that everyone should know about and now they have opened a small portion of their creative studios to the public! So glad Suzanne was able to get a taste of the Etsy way of life!

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