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Kid's Art Party-Tie Dye Fun!

Tie-Dye Kid’s Art Party!
What a great way to celebrate your birthday with your favorite friends! Sue Drown Trout taught a wonderful Kid’s Art Birthday Party at Artascope Studios a few weeks back. Each partygoer created their own design that they drew on their tees with wax after creating the final design on paper. Sue taught them how to dye the decorated shirts in fabric dye, twisting and dipping to create the “tie-dye” effect. Talk about a cool birthday party favor to take home and wear!

The group worked hard on their special shirts while having a ton of fun. There were cake to eat and presents to open at the end of this birthday event.
So when you are planning your children’s next birthday event…why not consider our talented staff and great location for one unforgettable party. Check us out at

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Kids Art Party- Birthday T Shirt Success

Kids Art Party
Artascope is the perfect place to throw a party! We specialize in Kids Art Parties for all ages. There are so many projects to entice our party goers with and we enjoy working with parents to make a memorable celebration.

We recently held a fantastic T Shirt Party at our studios. The T Shirts were pre-tie dyed by our teachers and ready for decorating. The birthday girl and friends got to make their very own stamps and begin decorating the colorful shirt to make unique clothing to wear. Talk about a cool party favor to go home with!

We are always excited to see the creativity flowing, watch friends help each other and witness a fantastic time had by all. It’s a great way to take the stress out of planning an elaborate party at home. We supply some goodies and parents are welcome to bring a cake. Check out our private party offerings at

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