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Sampling of Early September Art Night Out Classes

Sampling of Early September ANO Classes
SO how did you spend your Labor Day? I am sure it seems like eons ago, even though it’s only been a few weeks. Libby Barrett spent the morning of Labor Day Libby spent teaching and learning with an Artascope student Lisa, who really has been wanting to do some book binding. Together they worked hard in our paper studio to deconstruct the ins and outs of making books, in order to figure out how to put it all back together again. It was a successful venture and both Libby and Lisa enjoyed their time and learned a lot about this craft. Not a bad way to bring in the September month.

Lavish Scarf with Diane
Diane Brakeley taught the Lavish Fibers Scarf class last week. Students learned to design and combine fibers onto a soluble Mokuba Free Lace which is then stitched together with colorful threads in our sewing room. The scarves are carefully washed to dissolve the Free Lace backing to leave you with unique, exotic designs. Paula is modeling her beautiful scarf for us! Valerie, another Artascope patron was a part of this class and a very active student during the summer months. We love it when our students are inspired to come back time and time again.

You maybe wondering what exactly is Mokuba? It’s a water soluble products suitable for your sewing needs and it is quite unique. Typical water soluble products have 1-2 layers of plastic, slippery layers. Mokuba Free Lace is thicker than most, so it’s less likely to tear and fold on you as you work with it- particularly at the stitching phase. It is the highest quality of water soluble being sold, plus is very easy to work with.
Painted Floor Cloth
Libby Barrett was back on the scene with her 2 week Art Night Out Class, The Painted Floor Cloth. The first night is spent planning out designs, sketching and figuring out the right paint combinations. The underpainting or background will be applied to allow a solid week for it to dry. The follow up week, students will lay down their final designs. Always a great class. Whenever you walk by the painting studio, there is always a little laughter and lots of creative energy bouncing around the room. Always a fun place to stop and check out the progress. There’s lots more classes where these came from….are you game?

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