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Artascope Steward Spotlight- Diane Brakeley

Diane Brakeley
On Sept. 20, Diane Brakeley, our very talented Artascope Steward and Teacher, will be selling her artwork at the Maine Genealogical Society’s 2008 Annual Conference. This conference will be held at the Wyndham Hotel in South Portland, Maine. Vendors will be open from 8am to 4pm. Most booths will be advertising genealogical groups, selling historical books, or offering photo refinishing.

So how does Diane fit into this fascinating group? She makes found object jewelry, using items that have a history and a genealogy of their own! Not to mention that Diane is a genealogy enthusiast herself.

Her favorite items right now are her bracelets made from vintage cuff links or lapel pins. Your male ancestors might have left behind boxes of these items. If you can’t throw these away and they are just sit in a box, maybe you would like to talk to Diane about making them into something memorable for you to wear. She can refashion them into really unusual bracelets. She can make you a necklace from your grandmother’s silverware (or someone else’s) or weave the seat of your favorite ladderback chair with your grandfather’s ties! Check out her typewriter key jewelry made from typewriters from the 20s-40s, too.

Diane’s booth at the Genealogy conference is called “Presents with a Past” if you find yourself wondering through next weekend. Diane’s business name is Della Mano Designs. Dellamano is her maiden name, which is Italian and means “of the hand”. Rather appropriate for what she does! Check out some of her newest work at our Artascope Gallery. Diane will be back teaching at Artascope on Monday September 22nd, 6-9pm, with her Mail Art Class. Take collaging to a new level and chat with Diane about her genealogy weekend…should be fun. Find out more about Diane’s upcoming classes by following our link.

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