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Art Night Out™ products featured in Innovations Showcase at CHA 2011

Art Night Out™ Party Kits and Workshop Kits debut at CHA Winter 2011 in Los Angeles, California. These creative party kits are based on the successful Art Night Out™ program developed at Artascope Studios in South Portland, Maine over the past decade. Each kit provides a complete experience for a party of friends at home or a complete workshop in a box for in-store events. Featured in the Innovations Showcase at CHA, Art Night Out™ products will be available in March from Artascope. FMI contact

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Be involved @ Artascope Studios!

As many of you know, we are a place to take fun and creative workshops, grab those needed art supplies and shop for local handmade goods!

BUT, we also offer several opportunities for YOU to be a part of Artascope!
Be a part of a creative community! Jump start that new hobby!

We have Studio Memberships available!
This gains access to the Studios and equipment, discounts on supplies and classes and to be the first to know when we have events! There two ways to become a Member, one involves your participation by becoming part of our Staff! The other, is an affordably priced option to gain access to our facilities for your own creative endeavors!

Want to learn more about how YOU can be a part of Artascope Studios as a Member?
Visit our Membership Page

Our team of Members is quite diverse and very creative! Folks range from professional Artists, to crafting enthusiasts, to folks who are seeking participation in a creative community! It’s a great way to spend some time and keep yourself true to your creative desires!

We are also always looking for folks to join our teaching team of Artists!
Whether you are a seasoned Artist, a teaching professional who’s crafty, or just plain curious, we have workshops that are in need of the right instructor – from old goodies to some new favorites!

Let us know if you’d like to be a part of Artascope Studios!

Don’t forget to find out more about our Membership opportunities!

See YOU at the Studios!

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Image Transfer Inspires

As a photography major in college, I love any old skool photo process. I miss the darkroom but I have moved on and my trying to love the digital world of photo. But when Art Night Out brings back the polaroid transfer class, I get really excited! It’s a nice little mix of old and new and the results are always thrilling!

Our Image Transfer class was held this past Thursday! This class focuses primarily on polaroid image transfers (yes, even tho Polaroid itself is going out of business, there still is Fuji and maybe others…) with a demo in emulsion lifts (which are fabulously cool to watch and do!)

Maggie, one of our long time teachers, brought her Day Lab machines to use for the process, as well as countless books, samples and knowledge. Our students, Deb, Wendy and Zarra were excited and fascinated by the process. They worked from old photographs, digital prints and even collage and magazine images. Using different types of hot and cold press papers and even fabric, they were able to yield different results!

Image Transfers with the Day Lab machines are great because you can print multiples of the same image. The magic of polaroid, however, ensure no two images will EVER be alike. The quality of the transferred images are quite vintage and bring a whole new life to the original images.

Interested in learning about this process? Check back for our fall schedule or book a private lesson or party with Maggie! This class as a private party for a milestone celebration would be spectacular! Have friends or family bring in special photos and learn this magical process! Contact the studio for more information!

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Private Birthday Party with Painted Placemats

A Painting Party to Remember
Last Friday night, one of our fine Artascope Studio teachers, Libby Barrett, hosted a private birthday party making decorative painted placemats. The party goers have been celebrating one of their birthdays with a fun activity each month of the year together! What a fun way to celebrate yourself and your friends all year long!

Libby’s October birthday bash was a huge success. She taught everyone how to use latex and acrylic paint to create their painted placemat. Then showed them how to play with stencils, stamps and fun tools to create their personal decorative touches. They even tried out some experimental materials like bubble wrap. I think the end results are absolutely gorgeous! Happy birthday to you all!

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Batik Pillow Talk and Private Party Round Up

Batik Pillow Talk
Sue Drown-Trout, our resident batik teacher recently taught a very exciting Batik Pillow Cover class as a part of our ANO Series. The students were working with the batiking process of sketching, waxing and emerging in dye to bring their designs to life on their pillow covers. Sue told us that one of the students was wearing a white t-shirt that ended up getting splashed during the dye process. She decided to dye the t-shirt all together and pulled it right over her head and added it to the dye bath. Sounds like a pretty silly night at Artascope. I sure she will share that story anytime she wears her new batiked t-shirt out on the town! It was definitely a first at Artascope for sure. If you would like to try your hand at batiking and missed this class, Sue will be hosting our Fall 6 week Artist Series in Batiking and Dye on Thursday mornings from 10am-1pm. First class is on Sept 18th. Please check out the link for more info.

Private Parties: Sea Glass
We are always happy to accomodate private parties at Artascope Studios and have few picks from our latest events. Lynne Holland led a fantastic Wrapped Sea Glass Pendant party of local coworkers just a few weeks ago. Each party goer learned to wrap their hand selected sea glass pieces with silver wire and beads. They all went home with two pendants a piece and were looking forward to wearing them off at the office “fashion show” the next day. Lynne will be gearing up for her next jewelry making class, Intro to Earrings, on Monday, August 25th from 6-9pm. Check out the August Schedule to find out more details.

WigJig Earrings
Marcia Wigjig of the Wigjig family was our guest teacher for a fun Wigjig Earring Private Party last month. Students had a blast working with this amazing product that helps you create the most amazing earring designs. The best part is that the Wigjig family has already done all the hard work of creating the patterns. Students just have to follow their directions and they end up with professionally styled earrings. We are always excited to have Marcia here to teach and she adds so much to this class.

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Kids Art Party- Birthday T Shirt Success

Kids Art Party
Artascope is the perfect place to throw a party! We specialize in Kids Art Parties for all ages. There are so many projects to entice our party goers with and we enjoy working with parents to make a memorable celebration.

We recently held a fantastic T Shirt Party at our studios. The T Shirts were pre-tie dyed by our teachers and ready for decorating. The birthday girl and friends got to make their very own stamps and begin decorating the colorful shirt to make unique clothing to wear. Talk about a cool party favor to go home with!

We are always excited to see the creativity flowing, watch friends help each other and witness a fantastic time had by all. It’s a great way to take the stress out of planning an elaborate party at home. We supply some goodies and parents are welcome to bring a cake. Check out our private party offerings at

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Private Parties at Artascope Studios- Hammered Metal Jewelry

Private parties are one of Artascope Studios specialities. We are always open to cater to personal events and create a fun environment for all types of events, from birthday parties to team building corporate parties.

We recently threw a fantastic appreciation party for Stegemann and Shuman Orthodontics’ entire staff. They filled up 0ur largest studios with sounds of hammering metal mixed in with a little laughter. Betina was able to lead our 17 guests through a fantastic demo using copper and silver wire to create new and exciting jewelry pieces. With Suzanne’s assistance and a little of my own, the entire cast of party goers went home with some very fabulous items to show off at work the follow week. What a great way to build bonds and show gratitude for your work family.

We are always open to talk about your upcoming event and we love to help guide you to explore all the class possibilities we have for parties in your future. We can offer parties for kids and adults alike. All we ask if for a time and class preference and 5 plus participants. The possibilities are endless!

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