Art Making Boot Camp for Grown Ups

Summer IS coming. Really, it is! And a perfect way to say goodbye to this long, snowy winter is to sign up for our Art Making Boot Camp for Grown Ups. What is it? It’s the perfect mix of inspiration, community, and art techniques… all rolled up into a convenient “drop in” format that allows you to jump in on your schedule. Make time this summer to indulge (or discover) your creative side and treat your inner artist to a variety of new skill sets. Creative options include classes in Crochet Wire Jewelry, Collage Glass Charm, Resin Jewelry, Vintaj™ Natural Brass Jewelry, Sea Glass Drilling or Sea Glass Wire-wrapping, “My Vibe” Leather Bracelet, Painting, and many more!

Here’s How it Works:

Art Boot Camp for Grown Ups is the umbrella name for an all-access pass to the studio from June 15- September 15. It includes:

  • Three free Art Night Out or Art Bar events between June 15-Sept 15 (For yourself or to share with friends)
  • Three Month Membership to Artascope Studios (June 15 to Sept 15)
  • 20% off all Artist Series

All that for just $75!

Introduce your friends to what Artascope has to offer by joining together and meeting up at the studio once a week to create. Come in on a Friday night for some pre-nightlife art-making. Or, bring the grandkids for a creativity session while they are visiting. Check out our schedule of Art Classes and Events happening throughout the summer. It’s like having your own private art studio—filled with inspiration—just waiting for you to indulge your artistic side.

What’s the first step? Sign up! It’s only $75 to register. You’ll get three 3-hour Art Night Out classes with included materials, light snacks, and drinks, PLUS a 3-month studio membership and additional savings on our Artist Series—That’s a $200+ value.

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Metalsmithing Studios-Diane Brakeley's Recent Class Highlights

Art Night Out-Drilled Seaglass Bracelet & Silver Spoon Necklace
Diane Brakeley is one of our talents metals teachers, specializing in altering every day items like silver spoons and beach glass into beautiful works of art. Over the past month, Diane has taught to popular Art Night Out Programs, The Drilled Seaglass Bracelet and The Silver Spoon Necklace.

The Drilled Seaglass Bracelet students learn how to drill safely through glass, ceramic and stone with specialized diamond tip drill bits. They also play with wire wrapping the drilled items to embellish with beads and attach to the finished bracelet. Although most of Diane’s students were local, she had a visiting student all the way from Miami. A perfect memento from our Maine Beaches to the Florida shore.

The Silver Spoon Necklace Class has been a hit at the studio for a few years. Diane has been handcrafting these unique necklaces as a part of her own jewelry line. After lots of interest on how she created her necklaces, she began to teach a class about her technique. She has quite a stash of silver spoons, forks and more to share with the class. Sometimes students bring in their own culinary to transform into their necklace. Diane teaches them about cutting and polishing the spoon ends that create the necklace pendant. Similarly to the Seaglass Class, Diane works with the students on how to drill through the silver spoons and add jewels and beads for color and design. Diane is currently teaching one of our 6 week Artist Series for Sewing and teaching private sewing lessons at the studio. “Tie One On” ArtEscape Weekend will be coming up on the 3rd weekend in October. It will be our second time running this fantastic weekend where you will play with men’s ties to create your own woven chair. What an event!

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