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Mandala Coloring Pages For Kids & Adults

On this page, you will find 75 mandala coloring pages that are all free to download and print! These printables are great for those looking for a relaxing activity to soothe the mind and bring inner calm.

For this series, I illustrated a wide range of mandalas for all ages and skill levels, including easy-to-color mandalas, detailed mandalas, geometric mandalas, animal mandalas (wolves, unicorns, dolphins, unicorns, peacocks), heart-shaped mandalas, flower mandalas, plus many, many more!

Mandala Coloring Pages Featured Image

To download or print any of these pictures, you can click on any of the below images or links, which will open a high-resolution PDF file on a new page. Once opened, you can then freely download and print as many times as you like!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes. Enjoy!

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10 Craft Ideas To Do With Mandala Coloring Pages

Here are some simple, easy, fun, and cheap crafts you can do with your complete coloring pictures.

10. Jewelry Boxes

For just a few dollars, you can turn my mandala coloring pages into decorations for jewelry boxes.

Simply choose the design you wish to use and color it in using markers or colored pencils. Then you’ll carefully cut out the illustration along the borders.

You can find little craft boxes at the dollar stores, as well as Mod Podge, paints, and even brushes.

Mod Podge the cut-out onto the top of the jewelry box and let it dry for a few hours (to overnight). 

If you want to really liven up the box, you can also paint designs onto the sides.

What you’ll end up with is a beautiful handmade keepsake, perfect for gifting – or keeping.

9. Keychains

You can also turn my mandala coloring pages into keychains. You’ll need shrink plastic sheets, which you can buy on Amazon.

Print the mandala design of your choice onto the shrink sheet and color it in. Then you’ll carefully cut it out along the outline of the design.

Using a hole punch, put a hole near the top of the design.

You’ll bake the cut-out according to the directions on the shrink sheet packaging (it varies) and then let it completely cool.

You can then attach a keychain ring and even accessorize the keychain with strings of beads.

8. Mason Jars

For a cute decorative touch, try Mod Podging some of my mandala designs onto mason jars, which you can then use to hold paintbrushes, pens and pencils, or even kitchen cookware.

Simply print out a few coloring pages and shade in the designs. Then cut them out carefully along the outline and Mod Podge to the mason jars.

7. Decorative Trays

The dollar stores tend to sell small wooden trays, but you could also pick one up at HomeGoods or At Home or even online at Amazon.

Print out a mandala coloring page and shade in the design using markers or colored pencils. Then cut it out carefully along the outline.

Then you’ll place the mandala in the center of the tray and Mod Podge it into place; this should form a waterproof seal, so you can use the tray to carry drinks, if you so choose.

You could also buy paints and further decorate the tray!

6. T-Shirts

To make t-shirts out of my mandala coloring pages, you will need a Cricut machine and an iron or heat press. 

You can take an image of the mandala of your choice and color it digitally. Then print that out onto an iron-on vinyl sheet.

Then you can feed it into your Cricut machine, which will read the design and cut it out perfectly. This is called Print and Cut.

You can then align the design onto your t-shirt and iron or heat press it into place.

5. Wall Art

The most simple and basic craft you can do with my mandala designs is also the most lovely and elegant.

Color in one of my mandala coloring pages, frame it, and hang it on your wall. It’ll add a burst of color to any white wall.

You could also gift a framed mandala to a friend or family member.

4. Dry Erase Boards

This craft is actually just like the framed wall art craft – save for one step!

First, you’ll print out and color in the mandala of your choosing.

Then, you’ll remove the liner paper from the frame (if it’s a new frame) and put in the mandala illustration; you might have to cut it down if the frame is smaller than 8.5 x 11”.

Then you’ll get dry-erase markers to write on the glass, and voila – you have a beautiful dry-erase board that is perfect for to-do lists, grocery reminders, schedules, etc.

3. Clocks

Turn your colored in mandalas into time – or at least, the passing of time!

For starters, you’ll need an inexpensive clock with – to the best of your knowledge – plastic clock hands.

After you color in the mandala of your choice, you’ll pry up the protective clock face and set it over the sheet of paper with the mandala.

You’re going to trace the circle over it and then cut it out. You’re also going to put a hole in the middle, big enough to fit the clock mechanism.

Then you’ll pop off the hands, hour, minute, and seconds, and the clock’s face – usually, this is cardboard or posterboard. If the clock’s face won’t come off, you can just glue over it.

Affix the mandala circle onto the mechanism and then reattach the hands. You’ll want to pop some batteries into the back to ensure the clock still works.

Then you can reaffix the protective clock covering, and you’re done! You have a beautiful new clock, of your own creation.

2. Magnets

Much like the keychains, you’ll start off by printing the mandala illustration onto shrink sheets and coloring in as usual.

After you cut them out, bake them and let them cool, heat up the hot glue gun (or use Gorilla Glue) and affix small round magnets (that you can find in any dollar or craft store) to the back.

1. Water Bottles

Jazz up any plain old water bottle with a hand-colored mandala taken from one of my coloring pages.

You will need a Cricut machine and a printer to do this craft; you can start off by digitally coloring in the mandala design of your choice and printing it off onto a vinyl sheet.

Then you’ll have the Cricut read the design and cut it out for you, perfectly.

For good measure – because it’ll be near wetness and moisture – you’ll want to apply some Mod Podge to seal it on and make it waterproof.

Affix the vinyl onto the water bottle, and you’re done!

You will also want to let the water bottle sit for a few days before using it, just to make sure the seal is secure.